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Most popular Korean Buffet Retaurant in Brisbane city.
Welcome to Hanwoori
Welcome to Hanwoori Korean BBQ Restaurant. We are passionate about our authentic national foods and we are devoted to serving you the freshest and highest quality ingredients.
Korean BBQ is famous for its fresh and marinated meats, seafood and vegetables that are cooked on an inbuilt tabletop BBQ. Korean food is characterised the wide range of side dishes and sauces which complement the BBQ.
Traditionally, Koreans believe that spices and sauces are the essential ingredients to making a delicious meal. The core main ingredients that create the basic flavours and spices of Korean foods are soybeans (kong), red hot peppers (gochu), sesame (gge), and soy sauce (gangang). It is tradition to accompany a main meal (meat or seafood) with side dishes (banchan) and the national dish, Kimchi, a spicy fermented cabbage dish.
Korean food is best enjoyed amongst groups where the many different items can be shared around. We hope you enjoy your Korean dining experience
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Level 1, 70 Marry street Brisbane City QLD Australia 4000
07 3211 5710
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Lunch : Closed

Dinner : Open 7 days